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Localized magical phenomena - The World - 01-07-2018

RE: Localized magical phenomena - The World - 01-07-2018


Shimmers are a magical weather phenomena, typical to the west coast of Myrrin. The mystical nature of this occurrence makes these storms very difficult to predict. The Shimmer takes its name from the very brief accompanying forewarning - the sky emits up in white, blinding shimmering light. After the shimmer begins, there is only a short window, typically from 5 to 20 minutes until a violent, sudden storm hits. Powerful freezing winds blow downwards in powerful bursting streams, applying tremendous crushing pressure directly underneath them. Getting hit by one of these torrents is incredibly dangerous. The only positive aspect of the shimmers is their brevity - they are often called “flash storms”, as the ordeal lasts no longer than 10 minutes on average. However, despite how brief they are, the they usually inflict significant devastation.

RE: Localized magical phenomena - The World - 01-07-2018

Mists of Vaanesh

The Mists is a largely unexplored natural phenomena that occurs in the southern coastal region, surrounded by mountain ranges. The mists are believed to be tied to exceptionally strong currents of magic in this patch of land. The phenomena itself manifests, as the name suggests, in the form of thick fog that covers varying amounts of territories. Little is known about patterns and longevity of the mists, however it is well known that it causes varying, predominantly dangerous effects. It has been known to alter physiology of animal and plant life within, to connect or merge the covered territory to different locations, and even bridge the material plane with other, less studied planes of existence. These mists are widely considered dangerous, volatile and to be avoided.