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Full Version: Mana
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Mana is the purest form of magical energy, and the only known source of energy for magical phenomena. Current research places mana in a gaseous model, though one that does not interact with mundane matter in normal ways. The true properties of mana are largely unknown.
The two key characteristics of mana are it’s interaction with the appendix or appendix-like organs, and their ability to be contained in the crystal lattices of certain minerals.

As is common knowledge, the Appendix is the organ responsible for converting raw mana into energy to be used to fuel magical abilities, as well as storing a small amount of mana. The rate of mana collection is generally similar, but storage capacities can vary significantly between individuals.

A number of minerals are known to be able to contain a large amount of mana, often creating naturally occurring mana wells in the form of volatile veins of rock. These minerals also collect mana over time, though for almost all, the rate is so negligible that it is impractical for one to use it as a renewable source of mana. Some notable mana-storing minerals are listed below:

  • Klildite: A mineral found in abundance in the Dragonspine Mountains, it has a moderate mana density, but it’s true advantage is in its availability for the Klildun’s use.
  • Dragonstone: This highly mana-dense crystal is highly coveted by industrialists, mages, and the most clever of monsters, this golden crystal also boasts the ability to collect mana from the environment over time at a noticeable rate.
  • Glimmerstone: This translucent, blue mineral is the standard among consumer-grade mana storage, boasting a low volatility and respectable mana capacity.
  • Ebony: The Klildite equivalent for Elves and Humans, Ebony is a glossy, black mineral containing the mana from ancient plants and animals, and is often found in and around oil and coal deposits.